Payment Information

1. Payment

How to I pay for a Gift Centre Purchase ?
Gift Centre Offer you multiple payment option. However, using gift centre is safe, as we are committed to your privacy as well as your online security.

We Collect following information from you:

Time of your order placement, you provide your indentify details which we use in verifying your order. We use to update you with various online gift and details.

2. Summery :

We use the information providing by you purpose your order fulfillment . We will not rent, our sell your information to third party.

3. Your Consent:

By visiting our website, you provide your personal details which will not be miss use

All orders must be paid for at the time that the order is placed. As part of our exceptional service, we accept all major debit and credit cards and customers can also opt to pay via Paypal.

Once your order has been paid for, Supreme Door Store will not accept any returns except of in the instance that you receive a damaged or defective item. If you receive your order and the items are damaged, defective or unsatisfactory in any way, please contact us and we will confirm the next steps.

*Please note that it is your responsibility to provide correct measurements for any doors that you order from us. We will not accept returns for any items whereby the measurements have been either measured incorrectly or supplied to us incorrectly.